jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

2nd of November- Day of the dead 2014: Altar in Casa Migrante, Amsterdam.

Mexico traditionally starts celebrating the day of the dead at the end of October. In this celebration, Mexicans reflect on the concept of death and the value of life. Each house, each square, town, neighbourhood, school and city honors the visit of their dead, as we wait for them to come back to us once more. For that purpose we build an altar with flowers, music, pain and joy for them to come
back to, eat and rejoice in their celebration. This is how we celebrate and welcome our beloved that were once with us.

The group of Mexicans in the Netherlands for peace in Mexico take this opportunity to remember our dead and speak about peace, love and justice for them and their families.  This year we want to honor all the students assassinated during 1968 and 2014 by the authorities. We want to honor the right of demonstration and let them know that we have not forgotten them.

Location: Casa Migrante (new address)
                  VAN OSTADESTRAAT 268, 1073 VT AMSTERDAM.
                 16.30 -20.00

Donation fee 3 Euros, includes a small Mexican snack (cup of 'ponche', rice, black beans and 1 'enchilada').

Kids: No entrance fee
Kids workshop:  1 euro

4:30 pm Registration and Welcome
4:30-5:20 Workshop for kids 'Decorating skeletons'.
4:30 Opening words by Mexicans in Netherlands for Peace
4:30-5:20 Exhibition and workshop of 'Peace Embroidery'.
5:30-6:05 Special guest: Talk by Hilde Koster 'Impunity, human rights defensors of indigenous peoples and the right of demonstration'.
6:15-6:20 Altar dedicated to the six deceased people in Ayotzinapa. Altar elaborated by the mexican artist Emilio Sánchez.
6:30-7:30 Cena/ Mexican snacks
7:00-7:55 Mexican traditional music ''Fandango in honor of the all dead ''/Fandango om de doden te eren
7:55 Closing words

*Non-profit Event. The donation fee is in support to the families of the students murdered and dissapeared of the Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa.

IMPORTANT: You need to bring cash with you. We do NOT have PIN. Thus, everything will be paid with cash.

Check our facebook event 


*We are all volunteers working willing to bring a speech of peace and justice. Es un evento hecho por mexicanos comprometidos por la unión, la paz, justicia, equidad. Todos los colaboradores son voluntarios. Si te interesa ser parte del equipo comunicate con nosotros. Todos son bienvenidos. :)

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