lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Mexico:Short Film Launched 'Forced SIlence'

Omar Rábago Vital currently responsible Programme Officer for Freedom of Expression and Protection of Journalist´s and resposible for the Central American contact for the organization  Article 19 gave us in Amsterdam a very insightful overview on the situation of the journalists in Mexico who can no longer report. 

Drug cartels have infiltrated the media to the point where  most journalists have  stopped reporting on the all-engulfing drug war in an act of self-preservation. There has been very little progress by the Mexican authorities in curbing violence against journalists and innocent civilians. Many criminal groups involved in organized crime and drug trafficking hold sway in many parts of the country and are targeting journalists to intimidate and stop them from exposing their illegal activities.

Sadly, in Mexico, journalists are on the front line in the war between government and drug and crime cartels. Unless the government can provide adequate protection to journalists, there is no hope for an end to organized crime in the country.

This is the short film 'Forced Silence'  made with the support of Free Press Unlimited and World Press Photo. It includes  interviews with 60 journalists across 13 cities  describing violence against journalists in Mexico.

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